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Fast and easy grading with plug-ins & presets


Color grading has become a normal part of many filmmakers’ workflow in the last few years. Getting the image right in-camera is important but if something doesn’t turn out exactly as you wanted it – you can fix it in post. Most people know that process from photography when shooting raw. Things like white balance or the exact exposure don’t ... Mehr lesen »

Review: Canon C100 with auto focus upgrade


We recently had the chance to test the almost two year old Canon EOS C100. The camera is a cheaper and simpler version of the popular C300. For around 4.500$ (and 5.500$ with the new Dual Pixel CMOS auto focus upgrade) the C100 is not exactly cheap. The camera has two XLR inputs, an integrated ND filter, two SD card ... Mehr lesen »

Using three cameras to capture Bangkok


Two years ago we were in Thailand and filmed a short film called THAILAND’S DIVERSITY with the Canon EOS 650D (Rebel T4i). You can read more about the production here. The film was mostly filmed in the country side but also in Bangkok to show the variety of Thailand, its beautiful culture and nature. In March 2014 we came back ... Mehr lesen »

Size matters! Do you need 4K?


HD has been around for a few years now. 4K isn’t that new either. Back in 2007 RED released the first digital camera capable of capturing a higher resolution than HD or 2K, the RED ONE. But still, affordable HD cameras that deliver a professional image with a lot of details and high dynamic range have reached the prosumer market ... Mehr lesen »

How we made our new documentary


This is a production summary of our documentary FORMAT FRANKFURT. In late summer 2010 we moved with our company from a small town to Frankfurt. We only knew the hot spots but not the places where the locals would go. We also didn’t know any people living in the city, so first Frankfurt felt very big and strange in a ... Mehr lesen »

The best entry-level camera for shooting video


“Which camera should I buy?” is the question we receive the most. It’s hard to answer this question because not everybody is shooting the same kind of projects. Preferences are different and somebody who’s shooting news needs another camera than somebody who’s filming commercials. The title of this post is a bit over the top since there is no “best” ... Mehr lesen »

Combining timelapse, slow motion and realtime


Over the last three years we produced a full-length documentary about the city of Frankfurt called “Format Frankfurt”. The film starring people who live and work in the city will be released this May. The title song was performed by local band AZZIS MIT HERZ which is also part of the film. Artists DANIEL SAHIB and DON BENE tell their ... Mehr lesen »



We designed 10 different styled movie countdowns that are now available and can be downloaded for free: From 3D moving numbers to vintage looking slideshows. The clips can be used for personal projects and commercial work as far as you don’t sale or redistribute the files. Please mention us when using, since we are providing the videos free of charge: ... Mehr lesen »

Important documents for filmmakers


When you are working with others on a film project some paperwork might needs to be done. Whether it is the release form for the actors or the non-disclosure agreement. To write these papers can be very time consuming. Also the legal awareness that needs these documents require can be difficult. Mike Chalmers from worked with filmmakers, legal advisors ... Mehr lesen »