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Review: RØDELink Wireless Filmmaker Kit


The new RØDELink is a wireless audio kit aimed at beginners and advanced filmmakers who don’t want to follow their talent around with a directional microphone all the time or just prefer wireless over cable. The RØDELink is priced at $399.00. You can watch our first impressions video review with a few audio tests below. We used the wireless kit ... Mehr lesen »

Rigging the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera


The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera has always been a camera with its challenges: Short battery life, unusable internal audio and of course the form factor. While the last point is a hot discussed topic because some filmmakers prefer it small and other like to fully rig the little beast. We didn’t get the BMPCC because of its small size but ... Mehr lesen »

Monitor review: Aputure V-Screen 2


The Aputure VS-2 is a 7-inch LCD monitor with a 1024×600 resolution. It has an HDMI input as well as YPbPr and AV input. It’s currently priced at 239 USD. Watch the video review below: Besides having focus peaking, zebra and a 2x and 5x zoom the VS-2 offers different useful safe areas such as 4:3, 1.85:1 and cinemascope (2.35:1). ... Mehr lesen »

How we made a 4K timelapse film


When shooting a timelapse you never know how it will look like once it’s finished. A few hundred photographs have to be edited and put into one sequence to be able to see the result. Sometimes timelapses turn into more than you expected and sometimes a shot can be ruined by a few rain drops or fog. The fascination about ... Mehr lesen »

Using sound effects in films


There are a lot of reasons to use ambient sound and sound effects in a film. Recording sound effects is a great thing but in a lot of cases it’s hard to achieve really professional sounding results. Don’t get me wrong, I love to record ambient sound but when it comes to more artificial sounds like certain machine noises or ... Mehr lesen »

Konova Jib J2: Portable camera crane


In summer 2013 we got the Slider Jib J1 which is a combination of slider and a regular jib. Click HERE to read and watch the review! In late summer 2014 Konova released the follow-up version of the J1 which is a regular jib without the slider attached to the rest of the construction. Watch our overview video below: Setting ... Mehr lesen »

Cheap LED lights: Aputure Amaran 528 Review


Over the last few years more and more manufacturers have released affordable LED lights for video productions. When it comes to LED lights, everything below 400 $ is considered “cheap” for one light. One of the first LED lights we bought was from Litepanels. It did a good job but the price of the light was not exactly low. 450 ... Mehr lesen »