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Konova Jib J2: Portable camera crane


In summer 2013 we got the Slider Jib J1 which is a combination of slider and a regular jib. Click HERE to read and watch the review! In late summer 2014 Konova released the follow-up version of the J1 which is a regular jib without the slider attached to the rest of the construction. Watch our overview video below: Setting ... Mehr lesen »

Cheap LED lights: Aputure Amaran 528 Review


Over the last few years more and more manufacturers have released affordable LED lights for video productions. When it comes to LED lights, everything below 400 $ is considered “cheap” for one light. One of the first LED lights we bought was from Litepanels. It did a good job but the price of the light was not exactly low. 450 ... Mehr lesen »

Film Look & Movie Atmosphere


Finding the right and wanted look for your film can be tough sometimes. Partly it’s about having the skills to color correct and grade the footage but it’s also about having an idea how the film should look like so it’s not something random that might look cool but goes into another direction than you planned it in the first ... Mehr lesen »

Review: RØDE Stereo VideoMic X


Audio is an important part of filmmaking. While for most shoots you would probably consider using a directional microphone there are situations and projects where recording in stereo is essential or useful. We were lucky to get our hands on the Stereo VideoMic X. The mic will be released in November and is priced around $800. You can watch the ... Mehr lesen »

XAVC S codec: Higher frame rate & bitrate


Sony is putting their professional XAVC codec in a lot of new cameras. They also introduced a new codec for consumer cameras a year ago called XAVC S. Some of their newer models already have that codec on board but the Sony RX10 for example can only record in ACHD which is not the best codec for professional editing. The ... Mehr lesen »

Filming with the GH4 at a street festival


While we were testing the Panasonic GH4 we filmed at a street festival in Frankfurt called “Bahnhofsviertelnacht”. The festival takes place in the famous redlight district that has become a melting pot of different cultures and artists. Since it takes place in the evening it was the ideal test for us to see how well the camera performs under low ... Mehr lesen »

Panasonic GH4 review


The Panasonic Lumix GH4 certainly is the most talked about camera this year followed by the Sony A7s. We finally got our hands on a model in Germany and tested it. You can watch the video review below: In case you want to know more about the camera or you are unable to watch the video review – below is ... Mehr lesen »

Canon EOS 7D overview & setup guide


The Canon EOS 7D has been the camera that got us into DSLR filmmaking and we have used it for about four years on a daily basis. It surely is outdated in terms of features and the overall look of the image but because we are asked daily how to set the camera up for filmmaking we decided to put ... Mehr lesen »

Konova motorized slider & pan-tilt-head


For many film productions a slider has become a standard tool beside a tripod and a jib (camera crane). While we have been using our Konova slider for over a year now on all sorts of shoots we also wanted to step it up a little. Pulling a smooth shot over a distance of 120cm can be tough especially at ... Mehr lesen »

Fast and easy grading with plug-ins & presets


Color grading has become a normal part of many filmmakers’ workflow in the last few years. Getting the image right in-camera is important but if something doesn’t turn out exactly as you wanted it – you can fix it in post. Most people know that process from photography when shooting raw. Things like white balance or the exact exposure don’t ... Mehr lesen »