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We designed 10 different styled movie countdowns that are now available and can be downloaded for free: From 3D moving numbers to vintage looking slideshows. The clips can be used for personal projects and commercial work as far as you don’t sale or redistribute the files. Please mention us when using, since we are providing the videos free of charge: ... Mehr lesen »

Important documents for filmmakers


When you are working with others on a film project some paperwork might needs to be done. Whether it is the release form for the actors or the non-disclosure agreement. To write these papers can be very time consuming. Also the legal awareness that needs these documents require can be difficult. Mike Chalmers from worked with filmmakers, legal advisors ... Mehr lesen »

Review: Is the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera a game changer?


Last year in September I went to the Photokina in Cologne, the biggest and most important fair and convention for photography and everything that has to do with visuals. Thanks to the whole DSLR revolution a lot of brands and shops presented film gear or new film and video cameras. The Blackmagic Cinema Camera had been announced a few months ... Mehr lesen »

Canon 70D compared to the 7D


While I was testing the Canon EOS 70D a couple of weeks ago, I thought about the main differences between the “other” APS-C cameras from Canon and what has changed over the last few years. In most comparisons online the 70D wins slightly when comparing it to the 7D. I wanted to find out if there really is a difference ... Mehr lesen »

Honda Project Drive-In – The Reveal


America’s drive-in theaters are vanishing. Nine were saved but more need your help. Visit to contribute and help SaveTheDriveIn. All drive-in theaters must make the costly $75,000+ switch to digital projection by December 31 or go dark forever. One month ago, Honda started a movement to help preserve this treasured American icon. There are still over 140 that need ... Mehr lesen »

Canon EOS 70D: Review


When I first heard about the Canon EOS 70D I didn’t know I should feel about it. Canon called it a game changer but when looking at the specs it didn’t seemed to be one. After the T5i (700D) release I was disappointed but realized that Canon can’t release a camera that has the video features of the 5D Mark ... Mehr lesen »