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DSLR tutorial: How to get great audio!


I decided to put together a little video that shows the benefits and downsides of using a DSLR and an external recorder to capture audio. I remember the times when most DSLRs didn’t have manual audio levels; there was no way of controlling the audio I was recording. Just like the auto-exposure of a camcorder I didn’t know what the ... Mehr lesen »

Tutorial: How to edit smoothly

A few weeks ago we posted a video under which you could post your questions regarding filmmaking. Since so many specific and sometimes complicated questions were posted we decided to do a USER REQUEST series in which we pick a question and try to answer it in detail. This is the first episode and the next will be up next ... Mehr lesen »

Stabilize shaky DSLR footage: Editing tutorial

Our latest Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 tutorial shows how you can get rid of shakes in your video clips. The clips featured in this video were taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T4i (650D). The short overview tutorial features the Warp Stabilizer which was first introduced in Adobe After Effects CS5.5 and made it into Premiere Pro one year later ... Mehr lesen »