Advertising with Fenchel & Janisch means reaching people that are highly interested in purchasing a DSLR camera and related technical equipment like lenses, microphones, tripods, sliders, batteries or memory cards.

We can offer specific knowledge about what group people of is visiting our website and could be interested in your products. The structure of visitors gives a very clear profile on potential costumor’s: 90% of the visitors are male and 71% of them are between 25 and 54 years old. Obviously all of them interested in DSLR related topics.

Website data per month
11.000 unique visitors
18.000 visits
90.000 pageviews
3:26 average time on page
90% male visitors
10% female visitors
55% new visitors
45% returning visitors
Age of visitors
13% 13-24 years
71% 25-54 years
16% 55-65 years

When we started teaching about DSLR filmmaking we didn’t expect that one day we would receive messages every day from people asking us for advice in buying DSLR camera’s and related equipment.

„Hi im Chris. I am thinking of buying an new camera which I want to use for movies only. The Problem is, that I dont really know what’s important, when buying a new camera (I was working with AE for over a year and now I want to use my own footage). What should I be aware of? Or are there a few cameras you guys could recommand me?“

„I love your youtube video channel and have pretty much watched every single video you have posted. I am wondering if you could possibly help me on choosing a DSLR. The main purchase of using a DSLR for me would be for video only and maybe the odd picture here and there. But mainly video. I will be using autofocus and manual 50/50, but I want that film like quality. What would you recommend? Regards, Sean.“

„I have seen your tutorials on youtube. I would like to buy a wide angle lens but I am not sure yet which one to take. Can you recommend any?“ Stenzel.

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