360° degree video is probably the hottest video topic in 2016 so far and we recently were asked by a client to make a little promo video for a Virtual Reality project. The viewer should get a feeling for how it is to wear VR glasses and how it feels to be in a different place. There was no actual 360° footage available yet so we had to simulate the experience by working with regular two dimensional camera clips. We already had some videos we shot in Indonesia earlier this year that were ideal for that purpose. That footage included hand-held shots showing different environments mostly landscapes and jungle. To get the best results the video needs to be shot a certain way and edited to give it that special first person look. Below is a video tutorial in which I talk about how to recreate that look:

In case you are a little confused whether this video was about simulating a 360° video or a first person viewing experience – it’s a mixture of both. The idea behind this project was to give somebody who doesn’t know much about Virtual Reality an idea of how it feels to be wearing VR glasses and being in another place. Of course this is a very simple way because all this effect does is distort the image but I think this effect can make a huge difference for the viewer. Sometimes to simulate something it has to be showcased a bit more dramatic and extreme then it actually is but I guess that’s something we see in commercials every day.

Written by Moritz Janisch