ONE GREEN PARADISE is a travel film shot in early 2016 on the island of Bali, Indonesia. The film gives a glimpse at Bali’s peaceful atmosphere, nature and its kind locals that are still maintaining their traditions even though more and more tourists are coming every day.

Watch the film below:

The music was provided by and the track is called „A Thousand Burning Suns“ by Reaktor Productions.

ONE GREEN PARADISE was mostly shot hand-held without the use of a rig. Even though some shots look like they were captured with a slider, jib or gimbal it’s just hand-held walking and moving the camera plus stabilization in post. The timelapse shots were captured using a small gorilla tripod.

Speed ramping, better known as the bullet-time-effect, is a great way to combine fast and slow motion in one shot without actually having to cut the sequence into multiple parts and then changing the speed of those parts. Speed ramping transitions between different speeds. Below is a sample video that was edited in Adobe After Effects CC using the integrated Timewarp plug-in.

Timewarp is not just useful to change and adjust speed changes within one clip but also to create slow motion itself. Footage can be slowed down simply by typing in the speed in percent. 100 is real time, 50 is half speed. The great thing about this plug-in is that is uses motion blur to avoid a stutter effect when slowing down footage. The shutter angle can be set manually or automatically depending on how smooth the result is.

Most footage was shot with 50 frames per second to be able to use it as slow motion or real time shots in a 25p timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Only a few shots were captured with 25fps.

Below is a video breakdown showcasing the different steps of how the title shot was created in Adobe After Effects CC using built-in plug-ins only.

Except for the speed ramping all the editing was done in Premiere Pro as well as the color correction. I went with a more saturated look because the island is very vibrant and colorful. Especially the color green is visible everywhere because of the green nature. Bali has a lot of nice beaches but what’s even more amazing are the forests and lakes. We didn’t use one specific tool or LUT for the color correction but created some custom looks instead. You can watch the whole film below and see how it looked before color correction and after the footage was corrected and graded.


You can see more photographs captured in Indonesia in 2015 and 2016 in high resolution on our Flickr page.

Written by Moritz Janisch